Baur Gaebel GmbH
Chemical plant - established 1884

Company history

The company Baur, Gaebel was established in year 1884 by Mr. Baur. Mr. Baur was the youngest in six children of the family. At the time in Germany Primogeniture law was in force. Mr. Baur, the founder of Baur, Gaebel, didn't stand a chance to step in the parental company, which mainly was specialized in manufacturing of coatings.

In coating business the most different oils were applied so that Mr. Baur had good knowledge in petroleum business.The young Mr. Baur had everything except money. So he then had to look for an investor (as it is the rule up to today) – this was Mr. Gaebel.The Gaebel family enjoyed an excellent reputation at this time in the Cologne area, so that Mr. Baur decided to enclose the name Gaebel into the company name although Mr. Gaebel never wasworking for the company.

Thus Baur, Gaebel was founded.

At the beginning the company Baur, Gabel was concerned with petroleum business, later on the idea of a chemical factory was traced, which manufactured soaps and degreasing agents at the start.So the basis was created to deal mainly with grease industry. This is one of Baur, Gaebel's most important pillars, which is discussed in more detail a bit later on.

After World War 1 auxiliaries for the leather processing industry were produced, too, which again belong to grease chemistry.

After the Second World War Mr. Baur's son, Mr. Baur jun. took over the corporate management and the area textile auxiliaries was added.In this context the head of chemist Dr. Angele has to be mentioned, who to the greatest possible extend built up and managed the textile auxiliaries department. After years the young chemist Dr. Arthur Dürkop joined the company. Dr. Arthur Dürkop worked closely together with Dr. Peters, who was Mr. Baur's son-in-law. Unfortunately no children resulted from Mr. Baur jun.'s marriage so that the company Baur, Gaebel was managed by Dr. Peters and Dr. Dürkop after Mr. Baur passed away.

The fat, which becomes sulfated and ethoxylated in our factory is again of importance. Provided basis is for example coconut fatty acid, stearic acid, tallow amine etc.. The ethoxylates and sulfates respectively are mainly applied in textile industry as washing agent, dispersing agent or softening agent.

After Dr. Peters and Dr. Dürkop passed away Mr Arthur Dürkop jun. took over the company.

Next to the textile auxiliaries area the area polyurethanes was added.

Also in this area fat plays a decisive role, so that from current view it can be stated that the company was busy in various fields but the company remained true to the basic chemism of the grease industry.

Today as well as one hundred years ago development of new products, service and customer support are mainly important.We are very conscious of the human capital including our customers being the most important capital available for our company.
















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